“Asthma” cures

It is a breathing disorder caused by inflammation of the airways. It is recognized by shortness of breath, regular attacks of wheezing accompanied with cough. Though it is a reversible obstruction but the number of people suffering from asthma is constantly increasing all over the world.

Thorn apple known as dhaatura in India is a poisonous tree with magic curing properties.The fruits of this shrub are thorny and the dried fruit leaves and the stem all have a intoxicating effect.It is very useful in asthma, when the smoke from the burning leaves is inhaled. The leaves rolled into cigarettes can be smoked to relieve asthmatic attacks.A full dose of the same can ensure a sound and trouble free sleep
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Suggested cures for “Asthma”

There is no Suggested Cures for this disease.

Herbal cures for “Asthma”

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In Ayurveda, the bark of arjuna is considered beneficial in the treatment of Asthma. According to this system, a fine powder of the bark is made and stored in a well-corked bottle. The patient suffering from asthma should keep fast on the day of the full moon. A dish of condensed milk and rice (kheer)should he prepared and placed where the moonlight falls upon it the whole night. During the early hours, 12 grams of the powdered bark should be sprinkled over the kheer and taken by the patient to his satisfaction. He should not sleep for at least 12 hours after consumption, this is believed to provide relief.
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The main use of ephedra is in the treatment of asthma, particularly bronchial asthma. The powder of the herb in doses ranging from 0.5 to 2.0 grams should be swallowed with water in such symptoms. It will give immediate relief by facilitating unrestricted discharge of the accumulated phlegm and clearance of the air passage, followed by restful sleep.
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Turmeric is an effective household remedy for bronchial asthma.Pure turmeric powder is boiled in milk. It acts as a disinfectant and totally removes all blickages from the nasal passages.It is to be taken both in the morning and in the evening so that best results are acheived.Problems realted to breathing in astma are cleared by this concoction.Precaution to be taken is that this genrates a lot of heat in the chest and lungs and the urinary tract.
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Black Nightshade
The leaves of the plant are bitter and become mild on cooking in water.The concotion thus prepared helps in removing catarrhal matter and phlegm from the bronchial tubes in asthma patients. The fruits of the plant can also be used beneficially in treating asthma.They also help the digestive system and induce copious urination.
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Home Remedies for “Asthma”

There is no Home remedies for this disease.