Indian Senna's Details & Specifications

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Botanical Name :  Cassia Acutifolia Dell.
Hindi Name :  Sena-ka-patta (View Name of this herb in more Languages)
English Name :  Indian Senna


:  Laxative


Leaves :  Dried
N/A :  N/A
N/A :  N/A


:  Leguminosae
Geographical Source
The plant is indigenous to India and is found in following countries :- Germany India Iran Java Nepal Puerto Rico Samoa Spain Turkey


Organoleptic characteristics
Colour :  N/A
Seeds :  Indian Senna
Taste :  N/A
Size :  7.0 to 8.0 mm in width and 25.0 to 60.0 mm in length
Physical Standards
Total Ash :  N/A
Moisture :  Not more than 8 %

Chemical Constituents

Major chemical constituents responsible for physicochemical and therapeutic action of the herb are :- Anthraquinone - sennoside A and sennoside B On hydrolysis - aglycones sennidin A and B Aloe-emodin Rhein Sennoside C and D Heteodianthrones Palmidin A Aloe-emodindianthrone-diglycoside Rhein-anthrone-8-glycoside Rhein-8-diglucoside Aloe-emodin-8-glucoside Aloe-emodin-anthrone-diglucoside Rhein-1-glucose 6-Hydroxymusizin
The drug contains various minor chemical constituents however no specific contents have been identified yet.


To maintain physicochemical properties and medicinal values of the herb it is recommended to maintain following storage conditions :- ? Air tight containers ? Protection from light ? Protection from moisture